Spooked, Hearts, Ribs and Birds

Just some sketches while trying to draw something out of my mind. It’s not ready yet apparently. We have a spooked eyeball, cute hearts (make a cute brooch, or a tattoo), a roughly drawn ribcage missing a few ribs, and a sparrow playing what looks like basketball. Col-Erase Pencils in Orange, Black and Purple, 0.5Continue reading “Spooked, Hearts, Ribs and Birds”

Flashback Saturday – Tattoo Design

I meant to post this last night but Eevee had other plans (she decided to sleep on my computer). This is roughly 5 years old, I found it again while digging through my bookcase. And I’m showing it to you all despite it making me cringe inside. I did this for myself originally, but wasn’tContinue reading “Flashback Saturday – Tattoo Design”


So everything with skulls, bones, and flowers like this I think I’m simply going to name with human names. Just a human skull, with some greenery and hibiscus and plumeria flowers. I suppose this would translate well as a tattoo design. Pan Watercolours, Pentel Brush Pen, Dr. Ph Martin’s White Ink, Kuretake Brush Pens.

Tattoo for “Z”

“Z” was a young woman who worked with us for a short time, and had asked me to design a ‘hardcore/heavy metal” pin-up girl tattoo for her. This was done about 3 years ago. “Z” asked that the pinup be wearing latex, a collar and buckle-covered boots. Paint Tool Sai.


So this piece I had originally done for myself at some point. This was done ages ago, I think back in 2008, and as I look at it now I realize it has no real appeal to me to actually put it permanently on my flesh. So, in that regard, I shall show it toContinue reading “Peony”


I’m going to be posting some old stuff for a while, since I have not been actively drawing at all lately. Here’s a tattoo design I did for a good friend. She wanted a flower, so we looked at a few different types and she decided on a lily. This is the end result. IContinue reading “Lily”

Gargoyle Tattoo

Full Arm, healed. Close up on skull detail. Close up on gargoyle. The original artwork was not done by me, it was done by the one with the Otter tattoo, you can find her here: Trapdoorrabbitchick.  I was the one to tattoo it on him though. This was done on his forearm, back in 2011-2012.