Dead Girl Pin up

Skeleton girl pin up. I want her hair. You can buy prints here. Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks! Adobe Illustrator CS3, Paint Tool Sai.

Tattoo for “Z”

“Z” was a young woman who worked with us for a short time, and had asked me to design a ‘hardcore/heavy metal” pin-up girl tattoo for her. This was done about 3 years ago. “Z” asked that the pinup be wearing latex, a collar and buckle-covered boots. Paint Tool Sai.

Morticia Addams

Another quick little colouring job. I know you’re probably sick of them, but they help me relax. Today we’re featuring the lovely Morticia Addams.    Whee! I’ve been trying to draw her well for a while now. I have a few pages in my sketchbook filled with Morticias O.o I remember loving this show asContinue reading “Morticia Addams”

Coloured Sketches Pt. 2

More doodles coloured in. This time featuring a freckled red-head and a dark haired beauty. Left: Sketch and Right: Colours For the top lady, I think I prefer the sketch better, it’s less obvious that her eyes are slightly askew, but the red-head on the bottom looks much better in colour, her hair turn outContinue reading “Coloured Sketches Pt. 2”

Coloured Sketches

Found a little booklet of doodles done a few months ago, and I wanted to colour them. Sketches:   Excuse the green paint on the one girls face. It seems that these little ladies have seen some action. Colours: After they’ve been coloured. My favourite by far is the lady at the bottom. Keep inContinue reading “Coloured Sketches”

Deer Skull

As you can see, my skills for creating titles are ah-ma-zing. *Sarcasm* This one took over a year to finish. I wasn’t working on this on and off for a year, I started it, did 8-12 hours of work on it, then left it there sitting on my hard drive until exactly a year later.Continue reading “Deer Skull”


Something a little more recent. Started off as a mindless doodle.   Done back in January of 2012. I actually made this into a purchaseable print on my Society6 page. Go check it out and maybe buy a print here. There’s also a skin for your iphone ;). Paint Tool Sai, with Adobe Illustrator forContinue reading “Orchids”