Its been a few years since I’ve done any digital colouring. Its not the greatest, but I still enjoy the outcome. Rough sketch is lower down.

Paint Tool Sai.



Tattoo for “Z”

“Z” was a young woman who worked with us for a short time, and had asked me
to design a ‘hardcore/heavy metal” pin-up girl tattoo for her.

zahirahtat (2)

This was done about 3 years ago. “Z” asked that the pinup be wearing latex, a collar and buckle-covered boots.

Paint Tool Sai.

Morticia Addams

Another quick little colouring job. I know you’re probably sick of them, but they help me relax.

Today we’re featuring the lovely Morticia Addams.

2014-02-24 16.56.18w  2014-02-24 16.56.18cw

Whee! I’ve been trying to draw her well for a while now. I have a few pages in my sketchbook filled with Morticias O.o

I remember loving this show as a kid, and have recently got back into it, and the movies. I will probably do a final portrait of her
at some point where you won’t see my sketchy lines, because I want to turn a Barbie into a Morticia doll. I intend to do it soon as I’m happy with the face paint roughs.

1.0mm Inkjoy Paper Mate pens, Paint Tool Sai.

Coloured Sketches Pt. 2

More doodles coloured in. This time featuring a freckled red-head and a dark haired

2014-02-24 16.55.10w2014-02-24 16.55.10cw

Left: Sketch and Right: Colours

For the top lady, I think I prefer the sketch better, it’s less obvious that her eyes are slightly askew, but the red-head on the bottom
looks much better in colour, her hair turn out nicely.

0.5mm Black Ball Point and Paint Tool Sai.