Merry F-ing Chirstmas

I’m going to post the actual piece after the break because I’d like to warn you about the profanity involved.

If swear words, or cussing isn’t your thing, please, skip over this one.

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I think this is from 2007, when I was first introduced to Adobe Illustrator.


This was loosely inspired after reading “Geisha: A Life” by Mineko Iwasaki. ┬áMind you this is inaccurate to the actual traditions and make-up of Geishas but, I was 17 and relatively stupid when it came to other cultures.

Adobe Illustrator


Something a little more recent. Started off as a mindless doodle.



Done back in January of 2012. I actually made this into a purchaseable print on my Society6 page. Go check it out and maybe buy a print here. There’s also a skin for your iphone ;).

Paint Tool Sai, with Adobe Illustrator for the watermark.