Crown of Spikes


I feel like, my finished pieces never live up to my sketches. Or rather my sketches have more life in them.

Finetec watercolours in Gold, Kuretake Brush Pens, FW Acrylic Ink in Black.


Valentine’s Day 2016

2016-02-11 20.54.55w

2016 is just flying by. Like holy crap it felt like just yesterday was New Years.

I hope you all have a wonderful love day and go out to see the Deadpool movie!

Watercolor, pencil crayons and pigment liners.



Test 2


Testing how to paint skintones in watercolour. I like the lady on the right’s flesh tones, although I need to learn to stay in the lines.
The lady on the left, I’m pretty proud of how her hair turned out. I think in future I need to do the linework
prior to laying down the colours because I was taking off paint when I did it afterwards.

Watercolors, brush pen, 0.3 mm pigment liner.