Practising skin tones, I saw a 55% coupon at Michael’s today, and got excited, I was able to save some money and buy a set of Copic Sketch markers, obviously I picked up the skin tones set. And got home and started to get to playing with them to see how to include them with my other mediums.

I went a little overboard on the reddish blush on the above left’s nose, and her eyebrows >.< but she’s still cute.

The one on the above right, was done using only Kuretake Clean color pens, and the one above left was used with a combination of Kuretake and Copic.

Hopefully I can use more coupons to build up my own Copic collection, or at least that’s what I plan to do.

Also the first three, I used my trust ballpoint pen for all the line work, and I have to admit, I am really preferring it to the liners I typically use. I did add the liners to bolder parts like their eyes, and lashes, but for the most part the ballpoint pen seems to keep the feel I want my stuff to have.

Ballpoint Pen, Copic Sketch Markers, Kuretake Clean Color Brush Pens, White Gel Pen, 0.1 mm Pigment Liner.




Trying to learn how to do underpaint  (is that a word?), this is about 2 different layers each sealed with a matte medium. The base layer is the ink shading, and the second is the watercolour tint. I’m still sorting how I feel about this technique, I need to try it more I think.

Ink, Watercolour and White gel pen

Kuretake Brush Pen Review

So I recently purchased a pack of 12 of Kuretake’s Clean Color Brush Pens. Here is a review I have done of them so far.


So I first swatched all the colours to see what they looked like.  They have great pigment to them, are really bright and don’t appear to bleed through the paper (I used a plain moleskine notebook). Afterwards I played around with some doodles.  These pens create finer lines than Pentel’s brush pen, which I like. You can see with the flowers I tried blending the colours, I learned afterwards that there was a better way to blend them. The tree branches and leaves were testing brushstrokes.

Overall,  I like these pens, they’d be amazing for when I do gesture drawings.  Furthermore,  I’d like to see if I can use water with these pens, so you may see a secondary review on them in the future.

Pentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen Review/Test

I bought the Pentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen about a month ago. I haven’t tested it out much, and so far not on any finished
pieces (I haven’t finished anything lately -_-‘). I did do a few tests though to see how I like it.

2014-03-17 16.29.33w

Here are the supposed “fruits” of my tests. As you can see I mostly used it to get branches, and leaves down, which I find are tons easier to do using a brush and ink rather than drawing/outlining with a pigment liner. I also doodled a face, an eye and attempted to write, rather haphazardly.

This was done in a 50 lb acid-free paper sketchbook.

I like that this pen’s ink is fairly opaque, I haven’t tested its impervious-ness to water yet, although it claims to be waterproof. I like that I can get a nice variety of line weights fairly easily with this. I feel like I need a lot more control trying to do anything calligraphic with this pen, compared to an actual brush and ink (I’m pretty decent with a brush and ink after a very heavily practiced birthday gift for a friend). I do plan t use this however for eyes and hair line work. I find it allows me to draw amazing lashes relatively quickly without too much filling in.

I also found that if I moved in too quick a motion the ink flow had trouble keeping up, and I would end up with fuzzy-lines as opposed to crisp ones. I should also mention that the ink will bleed depending on paper type and how long you hold the brush tip in the same spot.

Overall, I like this pen, but it won’t be my go to for line work, unless I need to travel around while finishing work.

To sum up:

– Opaque Ink
– Nice variety in line weights
– Portable

– Tends to bleed if held in one spot for too long
– Ink flow has trouble keeping up with fast movements
-I still manage to get ink all over my hands

You can get one here if you’d like: Pentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen

**Disclaimer: All items reviewed were purchased with my own money.**