Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s day! The safety pin idea seemed cute at the time. However I don’t think it makes any sense now.

Pigment Liners, White Gel Pen, and Kuretake Brush Markers in grey and Black


Kuretake Brush Pen Review Pt. 2






I continued my experiments with my Kuretake Brush Pens. Above, I tried blending them according to the tips on Kuretake’s website. One was painting the lighter colour over the darker colour while the ink is still wet, which left a less gradient like effect. The other was to paint the tip of the brush pen with the darker colour and then paint on the paper, which yielded a much nicer gradient (see the brown to yellow swatch, the second one on the bottom row from the left).

I also experimented adding water to the ink on the paper.

Results are after the break.

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Kuretake Brush Pen Review

So I recently purchased a pack of 12 of Kuretake’s Clean Color Brush Pens. Here is a review I have done of them so far.


So I first swatched all the colours to see what they looked like.  They have great pigment to them, are really bright and don’t appear to bleed through the paper (I used a plain moleskine notebook). Afterwards I played around with some doodles.  These pens create finer lines than Pentel’s brush pen, which I like. You can see with the flowers I tried blending the colours, I learned afterwards that there was a better way to blend them. The tree branches and leaves were testing brushstrokes.

Overall,  I like these pens, they’d be amazing for when I do gesture drawings.  Furthermore,  I’d like to see if I can use water with these pens, so you may see a secondary review on them in the future.