Halloween Tattoos

Love Love Love

Another variation on a love potion, this time in a super cute heart bottle. On a side note I’m really loving this blackwork style. FW Acrylic Ink, Brush and Pigment pen.

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Trying to learn how to do underpaint  (is that a word?), this is about 2 different layers each sealed with a matte medium. The base layer is the ink shading, and the second is the watercolour tint. I’m still sorting how I feel about this technique, I need to try it more I think. Ink, […]


Love Potion

Inspired by a tumbler I bought from Bando. Also can I just say I’m ecstatic with how well the label on this turned out. I managed to get it to look aged so well! Watercolours, glitter glue, Brush pen, Pigment Liners.