Love Potion


Inspired by a tumbler I bought from Bando. Also can I just say I’m ecstatic with how well the label on this turned out. I managed to get it to look aged so well!

Watercolours, glitter glue, Brush pen, Pigment Liners.



2016-01-01 18.04.48w

I’m late, but that’s hardly surprising.

I hope that 2016 is an amazing year for all of you, and that you all achieve what you set out to.

With that being said, I’m am so damn grateful that 2015 is finally over. For me it was a terrible year, and I hope to never have to repeat it. Although it did have some great moments, like seeing my friend’s play, and wading through mud for an impromptu picnic (which I subsequently got sun burnt for the first time in my life), and other moments, I’m finally glad its done.

Here’s to great things to come!

Watercolour, Pigment liners, and glitter.

Unicorn Barf (a.k.a. Happy Birthday Cheryl)

Today is the birthday of one of the most amazing people I know!

Cheryl, it’s been a little over 3 years since she and I started talking to eachother (I always knew who she was because she was the loudest one at work), and we became fast friends. Today I am grateful for the optimism that oozes out of her daily, her whimsical way of life and the fact that I’ve never seen someone inhale so much sushi in such a short period of time ;). More over, I’m so happy I have such an amazing friend like her, especially after all that’s happened in this past few months.

I strongly advise you all to pop over to her blog and check her out, maybe drop her a line or two? Find her here: The Loving Instant.

This was my birthday gift to her:

Unicorn Barf in Cheryl’s room, with her JOY votive.

It’s an acrylic painting on stretched canvas. You can’t really see it because I forgot to photograph it prior to wrapping it, but there’s iridescent glitter dusted on it, as well as a pearl glaze to make it really sparkle in the light. As I’m sure you can all tell, this is completely different from what I typically do. Keep reading for further explanation.

The story/inspiration behind this was about trying to recreate what Cheryl embodies when I think of her. She’s not dark and brooding, she’s a very light hearted soul filled with rainbows and fluff, she can always make you laugh, even when you’re at your darkest moment, and these qualities reminded me of when I was little; my folks would take me and my brothers for ice cream at Laura Secord, and I’d always (I still do) always get the “Superkid” flavour, which for those of you who don’t know is a rainbow coloured ice cream, and how it would always cheer me up, or make me grin like a fool, which is essentially how I see Cheryl.

I hope you enjoyed my rambles, and the post dedicated to my amazing friend, and don’t worry I’ll be back to posting pin up girls with big hair soon enough.

Acrylic paint, Iridescent Glitter, Pearl Glaze on Stretched Canvas.

Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween!

This is my favourite time of year!
I’m pleased that I finished this one, I haven’t been finishing much anything lately because I’ve been a little down. Seeing all the pumpkins and decorations on people’s houses though has perked me up a bit.

Have a Spooktacular Halloween! (Pardon my puns)

Kuretake Pens, Black ink, white ink, watercolours, glue, holographic gold glitter.


My last post was on September 17th. I need to get back into posting more frequently, although that’s
hard to do when your life becomes unexpectedly busy.

There have been a few birthdays this past little while, and I’ve been hesitant to post photos of my crafty projects (ones I plan to start selling), but here are a couple. I want to apologize in advance for the poor photo quality, these were taken with my phone and while I was in a rush.

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Blue Hawaiians


A properly coloured version of my blue hawaiian doodle. Cocktails for all!
Glitter is a nightmare to photograph.

This was done as a “Good Luck in your new position!” card for a co-worker. It was amazing working with her these past 3 years, and I made an amazing friend in the process.

You can buy small sized prints here if you’d like!

0.1 mm Pen, Brush pen, Kuretake Brush Pens, glitter, glue, water, white ink.

Pin up Girl


I love her hair, how it fades to a bright turquoise. Anyway, a curvy black pin up girl, who started out as a really rough pen sketch, that I decided on a whim to colour in. Hence, why there’s that mess-up line near her ankle.

0.1 mm Carbon pen, Kuretake brush pens, water, glitter, glue.