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New Case

Still haven’t been drawing much, but I had to make a new case since my last 2 were broken beyond repair. For this season we have a pastel, drippy moon with some pearlescent pigment added (which doesn’t show up on camera too well). Acrylic paint, Pearl pigment powder, Resin

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It’s Coming

It’s getting to that time of year. You know the time when people go mental shopping. I think I can safely say it will be the first year I will┬ánot have to work in retail during Christmas. It’s going to be nice, I won’t have to put up with or grin through the dumbest questions […]


Inspired Corkboard

I saw the movie The Book of Life in theatres on November 2nd, 2014, and it became an instant love. (So much so I downloaded the sugar smash game version of it onto my phone). It was such a great movie, with an amazing soundtrack (which I bought and also have on my phone, and […]



My last post was on September 17th. I need to get back into posting more frequently, although that’s hard to do when your life becomes unexpectedly busy. There have been a few birthdays this past little while, and I’ve been hesitant to post photos of my crafty projects (ones I plan to start selling), but […]