Inktober Inktober 2019

Inktober Day 1

Inktober day 1: Ring. Not very happy with this one, but it’s okay, it was only day one, got plenty of time to improve. Ink, Water, Gold Gel Pen, White Gel Pen.



A starry night snake. Acrylic Ink and Finetec Gold Watercolour.

Calligraphy and Lettering Crafts

For N

This one is for N, I don’t know if she even received it as I haven’t heard anything from her. But I’m just going to sit here and be hopeful that it managed to find her. Cardstock of various colors and finishes. Gold finetec ink, and he leaves are hand cut.

Fashion and Clothing


Managed to make something I’m happy with. This has been a final product of the many tools I’ve been playing with. The jacket is washi tape, all the colours are a mix of Copic Markers and Kuretake Markers, and the line work is all done with a ballpoint pen, and I could not be happier. […]

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Washi Tape

I saw this done by an artist on Instagram, and I wanted to try it. I ordered some really pretty washi tapes from eBay, and went to town, the one above is my third attempt, and I think it looks the best so far, the two below are my first two attempts. I love this […]

Fashion and Clothing

Crown of Spikes

I feel like, my finished pieces never live up to my sketches. Or rather my sketches have more life in them. Finetec watercolours in Gold, Kuretake Brush Pens, FW Acrylic Ink in Black.

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Day 16

I’m exhausted. Ink, Finetec Ink, White Gel Pen, Water.


Day 9

I wanted to draw a third eye, and her nose came out looking soo cute. Ballpoint Pen, Finetec Gold Ink, Acrylic Ink.

Crafts Reviews

Pineapples and Palm Leaves

Recently finished my old sketchbook, so I had to start a new one. As much as I enjoy the fact that this cover is much easier to draw all over compared to my last one, I must say that I absolutely hate this sketchbook. The paper is not to my liking plus the binding of […]

Inktober 2016

Inktober Day 17

Wreath of Lilies. Ink, Carbon Pen, Gold Ink (Finetec)