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Day 7

It’s really difficult trying to put out a drawing every day. I went through 4 different drawings before I was finally able to create this, and I’m only slightly pleased with it. Kuretake Brush Markers, and Pilot hi-tec C pen.

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Phone Cases

So I received some phone cases I bought (off of ebay) for my Galaxy Note 3. My old glitter cases were boring and added a lot of unnecessary bulk to my already rather large phone. So I picked up a couple of plain ones. I decided to paint them since I didn’t want them to […]

Food and Drink

Tea and Sugar

Just some leaning containers, I’m attempting to learn how to draw decorative floral motifs. Blue pencil, Blue Pentel Fude Touch Pen

Inktober 2016

Inktober Day 17

Wreath of Lilies. Ink, Carbon Pen, Gold Ink (Finetec)