I feel like a purse-adaptable axe would be a good thing for the ladies out there. I know
I want one.

Pigment Liners, Kuretake Brush Pen in Black


Eggs and Bacon


A simple line drawing, flexing the black Pentel Fude Touch pen I got recently. I do love it’s line variations. Also bacon is delicious despite only being able to eat it when out and not around my family.

Black Pentel Fude Touch Pen

Pineapples and Palm Leaves

Recently finished my old sketchbook, so I had to start a new one. As much as I enjoy the fact that this cover is much easier to draw all over compared to my last one, I must say that I absolutely hate this sketchbook. The paper is not to my liking plus the binding of the book started coming apart after the first few uses. Now to be fair maybe I’m too aggressive with my sketchbooks but I think it’s because there was no ribbon or any extra support for the binding with this. Maybe I’ll add some to prevent it from falling apart but not a good move Picadilly.

Aside from hating the sketchbook, the pretty palm leaves and pineapples were both done in some metallic markers. I like the markers.

Zig Fudebiyori Metallic in Gold and Green.