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Washi Tape

I saw this done by an artist on Instagram, and I wanted to try it. I ordered some really pretty washi tapes from eBay, and went to town, the one above is my third attempt, and I think it looks the best so far, the two below are my first two attempts. I love this […]

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Day 13

Day 13, also Happy Friday the 13th! And a more tropical-zombie thing for today. Is that even a thing? Daler-Rowney FW Acrylic ink

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Hibiscus flower because summer is coming!? I think, its still cold and just raining here.. Coloured Pencils, Pen and Ink.

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Pineapples and Palm Leaves

Recently finished my old sketchbook, so I had to start a new one. As much as I enjoy the fact that this cover is much easier to draw all over compared to my last one, I must say that I absolutely hate this sketchbook. The paper is not to my liking plus the binding of […]

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Summer Cocktails

I was in Toronto recently with a friend going to see another friend and along the way to the pub we saw this little kid holding some drink housed in a pineapple. Mind you, I’m sure his was non-alcoholic but I was jealous nonetheless. Anyway, here’s something I’ve been working on in bits and pieces […]

Food and Drink


Pineapples. They’re delicious and coming back into season. Watercolour, brush pen. I also have to thank Eevee, for sitting on this while it was wet.