Flashback Saturday – Tattoo Design

I meant to post this last night but Eevee had other plans (she decided to sleep on my computer). This is roughly 5 years old, I found it again while digging through my bookcase. And I’m showing it to you all despite it making me cringe inside. I did this for myself originally, but wasn’tContinue reading “Flashback Saturday – Tattoo Design”

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! This is my favourite time of year! I’m pleased that I finished this one, I haven’t been finishing much anything lately because I’ve been a little down. Seeing all the pumpkins and decorations on people’s houses though has perked me up a bit. Have a Spooktacular Halloween! (Pardon my puns) Kuretake Pens, BlackContinue reading “Happy Halloween!”

Pin up Girl

I love her hair, how it fades to a bright turquoise. Anyway, a curvy black pin up girl, who started out as a really rough pen sketch, that I decided on a whim to colour in. Hence, why there’s that mess-up line near her ankle. 0.1 mm Carbon pen, Kuretake brush pens, water, glitter, glue.

Bride of Frankenstein

I love it when late night doodles turn out well. I’m not going to repeat the title, because I think it’s fairly obvious who this is. It’s also transparent!! I also have prints (plus t-shirts, mugs, and phone cases) available in my shop here. I kept the shading minimal, because I felt it just lookedContinue reading “Bride of Frankenstein”

Skulls n’ Roses

A mindless doodle that turned into something more. All I remember was thinking about how dear little Pickle never shuts up. I quite like her gold teeth. I’ll try to get a better photo/scan of this. Pentel Brush Pen, Inkjoy Pens, Pencil Crayons and Gold Foil. There are some process photos after the break ifContinue reading “Skulls n’ Roses”

Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me – WIP

Work in Progress of a future tattoo for myself. Of course now that it’s posted I’m going to have to change it. The words “Kiss Me, Kill Me, Love Me” are from the song “Child Prey” by Dir en Grey. I apologize for the blurriness. Done using pencil crayons and ink.