Buttons – Day 2


Inktober Day 2, some Coraline inspired thing. I do regret making the cocoa beetles solid black, I should’ve made them look like chocolate.

Kuretake Brushpens, Ink, White Gel pen.


Jessica Rabbit


I did it! A finished version of that doodle from a while back. And I didn’t muck it up (unless you count the fact that I dropped a chunk of avocado on it). Now I just need to dig out my proper camera to get a good quality photo of it. I think I’ll have prints of her up in my Society6 shop soon.

0.1 mm Carbon Pen, Kuretake Brush Pens, Dr. Ph Martin’s White ink.

Corpse Bride



Like a lot of people out there, I’m very fond of Tim Burton’s work. Mostly his stop animation films. Corpse Bride is one of my favourites right up next to Laika’s Paranorman. As it turns out, I can paint faces in watercolour. I just needed to be more patient.

Hopefully you enjoy my fan art!

Prints can be bought here: Corpse Bride.

Brush pen, 0.3mm Pigment Liner, pan watercolours, and White ink.