Bugs and Fluttery Creatures

It’s June 1st! We’re halfway through 2015 and I’ve accomplished nothing!
Or at least that’s how it’s feeling.

2015-06-01 17.44.51w 2015-06-01 17.44.54w 2015-06-01 17.45.00w

These are a few things I doodled between paying projects. Sort of as warm-ups and sort of as experiments (I’m trying to get coloured pencil blending down since it’s been many years since I’ve using pencil crayons).

The Spanish Fly on the far right started with great potential but fizzled into an overzealous ugly mess. I’ll try him again some other time.

Anywho, I hope you all have a happy June 1st!

Coloured Pencils (combination of Crayola, Laurentian and Prismacolors) and Ink.

Patience is a virtue…

…which I seem to lack.

At least in regards to drying time.

I’ve been doing a couple of doodles of Jessica Rabbit (you know from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”). A couple of the doodles
actually looked really nice, so I thought, hey why not churn out a quick portrait.


Here was one of the doodles, I started doing the linework, and rushing through it, I screwed up, on her boob no less. >.< I figured,
eh, let’s keep going, until I noticed that my impatience in regards to drying time caused her hair to bleed into her face, and not in the way you’d want it to. So a scrapped this, which is why parts are still not coloured in.


Here’s the second coloured doodle. this time, the lines came out perfectly. Until of course, I moved my hand in such a way that I smeared it. Still wanting to continue, I began colouring her in. Unfortunately, my impatience won again, and this time her dress was bleeding into her chest…

There is something to be learned here.

1) I need to invest in masking fluid.
2) I need to add a hair dryer to my colouring kit to help curb my mess ups in regards to drying time.

Lessons learned, I’m going to attempt her again, but maybe tomorrow or in a few days (depending on when I get said masking fluid). Hopefully you learn from my screw-ups.

Snake Progress

I uploaded some thumbnails of a snake drawing a little while ago.

I’m still working on it.


I liked the positioning of thumbnail 8, from that last set of 9. So here is just testing colours, and
I think I’m going to make the branch thinner, it takes up too much visual space.

0.5 mm Ballpoint pens, 0.5 mm pink pencil, Kuretake brush pens.