Its been a few years since I’ve done any digital colouring. Its not the greatest, but I still enjoy the outcome. Rough sketch is lower down.

Paint Tool Sai.




Day 29


She’s ready and waiting for the shit to hit the fan, also I hate how Instagram cuts off long skinny drawings.

Kuretake brush pens, FW Acrylic Ink, White Gel Pen.

Patience is a virtue…

…which I seem to lack.

At least in regards to drying time.

I’ve been doing a couple of doodles of Jessica Rabbit (you know from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”). A couple of the doodles
actually looked really nice, so I thought, hey why not churn out a quick portrait.


Here was one of the doodles, I started doing the linework, and rushing through it, I screwed up, on her boob no less. >.< I figured,
eh, let’s keep going, until I noticed that my impatience in regards to drying time caused her hair to bleed into her face, and not in the way you’d want it to. So a scrapped this, which is why parts are still not coloured in.


Here’s the second coloured doodle. this time, the lines came out perfectly. Until of course, I moved my hand in such a way that I smeared it. Still wanting to continue, I began colouring her in. Unfortunately, my impatience won again, and this time her dress was bleeding into her chest…

There is something to be learned here.

1) I need to invest in masking fluid.
2) I need to add a hair dryer to my colouring kit to help curb my mess ups in regards to drying time.

Lessons learned, I’m going to attempt her again, but maybe tomorrow or in a few days (depending on when I get said masking fluid). Hopefully you learn from my screw-ups.