I’ve been invited to a wedding. I don’t want to go at all but I agreed to and I promised so I’m definitely going now.


It’s going to so stressful, I only know one person who’s going to be here other than the bride.
Anyway here are some doodles of mendhi designs. You non-brown people might know it as henna.

Bronze marker.



So this piece I had originally done for myself at some point. This was done ages ago, I think back in 2008, and as I look at it now I realize it has no real appeal to me to actually put it permanently on my flesh. So, in that regard, I shall show it to you all.

If you get this done on you, firstly, please ask me if I’m down with you using it, and secondly SHOW ME the end result. I enjoy seeing my art on people. It makes me grin like a dork.

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Gargoyle Tattoo


Full Arm, healed.


Close up on skull detail.


Close up on gargoyle.

The original artwork was not done by me, it was done by the one with the Otter tattoo, you can find her here: Trapdoorrabbitchick.  I was the one to tattoo it on him though.

This was done on his forearm, back in 2011-2012.

Prayer, Knight and Sparrows


Praying hands with rosary on fake skin.


Strange knight, or Roman legion with spear. Done on fake skin.


Bright colourful sparrow with ribbon. The above is a reference.

None of the original artworks are mine, they came from a tattoo flash artbook. I’m not certain which.