Happy New Year

Happy New Year, I hope you all have a great 2018. I didn’t “sketch” this out like I normally do with all my drawings, I just grabbed two markers, a pale grey and a black marker, and went to town. I must admit I love this final effect, and I’m going to try to useContinue reading “Happy New Year”

Day 6 – The Moon

In honour of the full moon lsat night (which was beautiful to see btw). Here’s a crescent moon with clouds and trees. Done fairly quickly and loose. Acrylic Ink, Dr. P.H. Martins Pen-White Ink, brushes, water.

Morning Coffee

Used my jackle skull (Jeremiah) as reference. I’m a little jealous of his mane. You know you’d totally wander around like that with your morning cup o’ Joe if you had a mask that cool. I wouldn’t, but only because I don’t drink caffiene. 0.5 mm Black Inkjoy Ballpoint pen.