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Day 25

A wand! Ink, Water, 0.5 mm Pigment Liner

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Day 21 – Onigiri

After several failed attempts, here’s some food. Food never does me wrong, well drawing it anyway. Pigment Liners, FW Ink, and Water.

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Day 6 – The Moon

In honour of the full moon lsat night (which was beautiful to see btw). Here’s a crescent moon with clouds and trees. Done fairly quickly and loose. Acrylic Ink, Dr. P.H. Martins Pen-White Ink, brushes, water.

Flowers and Nature


Finishing this sketchbook is proving to be quite challenging. And one of the ghost stickers I attached to it popped off :[ Anyways, here’s a stump, I was trying to draw mushrooms, and I really like the red ones, they remind me a lot of when we used to play Super Mario Brothers. Inks, and […]

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So, I love cows, the vast majority of bovine creatures really, because they’re just so darn cute. They’re like over-sized puppies, and it helped that once a cow tail-whipped my little bro in the face when he was a kid (that is one of my favourite memories as a kid). And bison, are a type […]