Happy Inktober! Here is where my brain goes when I think of tranquil, the sounds of a light breeze through the leaves, next to still, calm waters. I missed day 1, because I chose to colour a piece that did not need colour. Brush Pen, Copic Markers, White Gel Pen

Dead Girl Pin up

Skeleton girl pin up. I want her hair. You can buy prints here. Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks! Adobe Illustrator CS3, Paint Tool Sai.


When I had a shop, this was our business card. Pretty bad ass no? Anyway, I still love this, I think its because the skull is the best one I’ve drawn digitally. Those were good times. Sort of. Adobe Illustrator CS3.

Gargoyle Tattoo

Full Arm, healed. Close up on skull detail. Close up on gargoyle. The original artwork was not done by me, it was done by the one with the Otter tattoo, you can find her here: Trapdoorrabbitchick.  I was the one to tattoo it on him though. This was done on his forearm, back in 2011-2012.