So this piece I had originally done for myself at some point. This was done ages ago, I think back in 2008, and as I look at it now I realize it has no real appeal to me to actually put it permanently on my flesh. So, in that regard, I shall show it to you all.

If you get this done on you, firstly, please ask me if I’m down with you using it, and secondly SHOW ME the end result. I enjoy seeing my art on people. It makes me grin like a dork.

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Deer Skull

As you can see, my skills for creating titles are ah-ma-zing. *Sarcasm*

This one took over a year to finish.


I wasn’t working on this on and off for a year, I started it, did 8-12 hours of work on it, then left it there sitting on my hard drive until exactly a year later. Like most of my purely digital work, it started off as a doodle/practice painting of the deer skull. If you haven’t noticed by now, I like bones. They are, and probably for a long while will be a common occurrence in most of my work. Also, I really like antlers.

Suprise! This too is a print available for purchase on my Society6 page! Go here to buy one!

Paint Tool Sai.

Extra Extra

I finally got around to finishing the calligraphy label on my manila envelope.


So as I’m looking at it, I’m noticing a lot of problems, aside from symmetry a couple of lines aren’t completely parallel.  It’s bothering me to no end, but only when I look at the photo of it, in person I barely notice these imperfections. I will continue to strive for the day when I don’t have as much trouble with fonts as I currently feel I do.

0.3 mm Pigment Liner in Black, 0.5mm White Uniball Gel Liner, and white Crayola Pencil Crayon

Praying Hands Tattoo Design


Withouth Polish Bottle.

So, one of the folks I follow on Tumblr, is the lovely Rumpshaker, she posts a ton of nail art, and recently she posted a drawing of hers of praying hands with a rosary, roses and manicured claws.  Hers was a rough version and she mentioned wanting to incorporate a nail polish bottle into the design. Since, I really liked her idea, I messaged her about wanting to do a more final version of it. She agreed, thank fully and here are the final pieces. I had to adjust the colours in Photoshop to make them more accurate to the drawings.


With polish bottle.

These were done using Speedball India ink in black, and pan style watercolours.