Otter Tattoo


Original sketch.

ottertatt copy-2

Finished tattoo.

I did this on an acquiantance back in 2011 after I first learned to tattoo. The otter was her Totem Animal.


4 thoughts on “Otter Tattoo

  1. Oh, this tattoo is gorgeous!! And, you’re not going to believe this, but exactly what I was looking for design-wise when I tripped over it on my Goggle search for otter tattoos. I would NEVER use an artist’s work without their permission, though. This is gorgeous! Like, I’m going to cry gorgeous. You have a true gift for art.


      1. And that is why I asked! I figured that gorgeous piece had an owner, and I ALWAYS ask the artist! Give me a bit to think about it and I’ll email you, yeah?


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