Pencil Crayons

I’m really starting to hate pencil crayons and I don’t know why. I mean here they turned out so soft and lovely looking when other times they look so grainy. It’s probably the paper I’m using. Crayola and Laurentein Pencil Crayons.


Flashback Saturday – Tattoo Design

I meant to post this last night but Eevee had other plans (she decided to sleep on my computer). This is roughly 5 years old, I found it again while digging through my bookcase. And I’m showing it to you all despite it making me cringe inside. I did this for myself originally, but wasn’t […]

Test Runs Uncategorized


  Just a doodle of a pin up sailor girl. Trying to remember how I color with coloured pencils and it always turns out looking odd to me. Coloured pencils, 0.5mm black ballpoint, Pentel Brush pen.