I’ve been having the worst artists’ block lately. And it doesn’t seem to want to go anytime soon. However, I did manage to pump out this one. Baby steps, baby steps. What do you do when you’re grappling with artists’ block? Kuretake CleanColor Pens, and Acrylic Ink.

Feed Me…. In Colour!

I liked the first version so much I re-draw it and slapped some colour on it. I did not expect the yellow ink to be so neon, but here is looks amazing, and I did a great job with blending the orange shading. I’m finally getting the hang of using these inks, although I’d preferContinue reading “Feed Me…. In Colour!”

More pie… In Colour!

Another revisit to my favourite cherry pie slice. This time however I used India Inks instead of watercolour. I have to admit, inks definitely have a lot more vividly bright colour to them even after drying. And I do like the outlines on this. The only downside to the India Inks I used is thatContinue reading “More pie… In Colour!”