Fashion and Clothing Inktober

Day 18 – Amber and Indigo

Saw this photo on my dash from Instagram, the set is called the “Black Widow” it’s by a lingerie brand called Amber and Indigo. I loved it, so I doodled it for day 18. Sakura Pigment Liners in 0.1mm and 0.5mm, White Gel Pen.

Fashion and Clothing


A cone strapless bra! It’s a longline bra. I like the stitching, it looks cute. Watercolour, Inks.


Garters and Stockings

I was just thinking about how garter belts with stockings are way more comfortable than modern day tights, at least for me they are. Anyway, this is the more feminine counterpart of my sock garters post from a while back. Enjoy! 0.1 mm Carbon Ink Pen, Orange Pencil.