A cone strapless bra! It’s a longline bra. I like the stitching, it looks cute.

Watercolour, Inks.


Market Call


Love potions anyone? I like drawing sheer clothing. And more importantly, drawing vintage-esque cat eye glasses is fun.
Also, ignore the sloppy shading on the skirt, I was in a rush.

0.5 mm Black and red ballpoint, grey Kuretake brush pen, red pencil.



A colured sketch in my sketchbook. I was originally going to tag this as NSFW seeing as her bra is sheer, but frankly I don’t really care. Anyways, the sketch was a 6 minute doodle, that looked super cute, so I gave it a quick 30 min colouring job. I think she’s adorable. I’m quite fond of the embroidery on her panties.

0.5 mm Ballpoint pen, and Paint Tool Sai