Fashion and Clothing

Animal Crossing

I was bored, so I took to drawing my avatar on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Been really excited waiting for the one for the Nintendo Switch to come out. Aside from the eyes been a little wonky, I’m pretty pleased, and I tried lining some parts with a brown pigment liner instead of black for […]

Food and Drink


I actually am not a big fan of macarons, maybe its the ones I’ve tried, but they are cute looking. Kuretake Brush Pens, White gel Pen, 03 Staedtler Pigment Liner

Bones, Skeletons, Etc.

Jolly Roger

Little late night Jolly Roger doodle, was thinking about watching Black Sails, since the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie is coming out. Pigment Liners



Simple doodle, in the sketchbook who’s paper I hate. Pigment Liners.

Food and Drink Inktober 2016

Inktober Day 14

Garlic, for some reason this one got quite popular on instagram. Maybe lots of people love garlic like me. Pigment Liners in 0.3 mm and 0.1 mm.