Chocolates and bubbly, a late night doodle, and I’m also noticing her lower body’s anatomy is kinda odd, but w/e. Also surprise! I drew furniture, with someone in it. That’s a rare occurrence for me.

Ballpoint Pen, Red Pencil, White Gel Pen.




More furniture drawings, this one is a whole room though, okay a portion of a room. It’s all on a slant because I draw on a slant (I write the same way too). You can see that little vanity from before, and a canopy bed.

0.5 mm Ballpoint.

Rough Stuff



It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. Um, this is just some rough prep work for something I plan on colouring. I’m not very good with watercolours so I tend t practice what I’m planning so I don’t screw it up horribly on the final piece.

Watercolours on 50lb watercolour paper.