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Day 28

A bathroom, with a tub I’d like to own one day. Even when using a ruler I still cannot manage to draw straight lines. Also trying to draw inside spaces since I’m terrible at them. FW Acrylic Ink, Dr. P.H. Martin’s White Ink, Kuretake Brush Pens, Water.


Day 15

We had a very heavy downpour today, which was nice, it’s been a while since it’s rained that hard, so that is what inspired this. Ballpoint Pen, Ink, Water, Faber Castell Pencil Crayons.



More furniture drawings, this one is a whole room though, okay a portion of a room. It’s all on a slant because I draw on a slant (I write the same way too). You can see that little vanity from before, and a canopy bed. 0.5 mm Ballpoint.