Day Trips (Photo Heavy)

So my old car, a 12 year old Pontiac Montana (Betty the First), was finally sent off to car heaven. She’s been replaced by a brand new Mazda 5; which luckily for me has A/C, Bluetooth, no leaks and functioning brakes. Let’s not forget to mention she doesn’t chug $120 worth of gas every month (and let’s not even mention trying to drive on the high way with old Betty).

I have aptly named my new car, Betty the Second, so naturally I had to test out her maneuvering skills, mileage and Bluetooth capabilities the second I got her.

Here are a few photos from my day trips to various places:

2014-09-19 14.12.21      2014-09-19 14.37.43

This was the day I got Betty the Second; we went down to Caledon (lots of dangerous curves on those roads), we checked out a place my friend loves (she communes with her water spirits on the regular) and then checked out the badlands. Betty came home with bright red dust marks all over her. This of course was after our bi-weekly trip to Costco and Petsmart.

2014-09-24 15.02.20   2014-09-24 15.11.39   2014-09-24 15.13.56

I think this was Jack Darling park in Mississauga, but I’m not positive. My friend and I had a picnic (a flask of Heering’s Cherry Liqueur was included), it was really cold that day, or at least I found it cold, but I’m always cold so really, who knows. It was really beautiful though, we celebrated my friend’s new job with Chocolate covered Sea Salted Caramels.

That’s all for my adventures, mostly I’m trying to prove that I’m not a shut-in. We will get back to our regular content soon, once I get some proper downtime to do some drawing.


Off to Africa

So a friend of mine from work was planning a massive trip to Africa, one that will span quite a few months.

We had a small work party to send her off, including gluten-free cake (made by another awesome co-worker), plenty of warnings and a little journal for when she’s travelling. We all signed pages in the little journal, but since I was not baking, I wanted to give her something more. I mean after nearly 4 years of working with her, I’d like to send her off with more than a smile and wave good-bye.

So, since I suck at this words and feels cohesion bit, I figured I’d give my dear little wordsmith, Pickle, a chance to say something. Since this is the first time I’ve mentioned Pickle on here, here’s some context: Pickle is one of the 4 budgie baby pals belonging to my father, but due to my work schedule I spend the most time with them. The four are named, Pickle, Salsa, Cloud and little baby Storm-born. Pickle is the noisiest of the bunch, he’s chocked-full of stories and discussions to be had with the walls, tree branches and paper clips. He’s ALWAYS talking, even when his head is buried under his wings with eyes shut, he’s still talking. It’s quite amazing really.

So I made a card for my friend with little Adventure Pickle on it.


As you can see, he’s all decked out with his special adventure hat, little backpack (with Canadian maple leaf, seeing as he was born in Scarborough), a giant map, and his water bottle. Which, being Pickle, he has spilt. He’s quite the chubby little bird, also very adventurous in person, he’s made great trips up to my room to sit cuddled up in my blankets on a few occasions, he’s also flown into mirrors and bookshelves.

Anyways, enough of my pointless Pickle-talk. Upon receiving said card, my friend was very happy (or so I’m going to believe). It was nice feeling like I did a little more than just a simple signing of a group journal/card.

Done using Crayola pencil crayons, on printed cardstock.