Food and Drink Mermaids

Ice Cream

Some mermaid-y ice cream for Mermay. Haven’t drawn food in a while so I’m a tad rusty, but I also haven’t had ice cream in a while so there’s that too.Watercolors, Finetec Inks, White Gel Pen, Kuretake Markers, Copic Markers, Pigment Liners


Short Hair Woes

         Two merlady doodles. The one on the left I messed up her hand so I ended up covering it with hair. Can I just say how incredibly frustrating it is trying to grow your hair out! Mine grows so slowly 😦 In other news my spider friend is either dead or has […]


Mermaid 2

Yay! Another big-haired mermaid. She looks terribly bored, at least she’s not floating on air. 0.5 mm Black Ballpoint pen.

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Just a doodle of a mermaid. Sort of floating. Let me know in the comments below if you’d like me to colour her. 0.5 mm ballpoint pen.