More grins

2016-02-26 19.28.13-1w

Still not entirely pleased with this doodle, but I can’t keep fussing with it.

Also, can I just say that it’s f*cking ridiculous that I have to start wearing sunscreen this early in the year. I was out earlier today running errands and my chest was getting burnt. I hate how I can’t get super dark anymore.. I miss my youth when I just got brown and not burnt.

Ballpoint pens in Black, Red and Blue.

By Aiskhan

A formally trained artist, who works in a variety of mediums, ranging from digital, like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Clip Studio Paint, to traditional. My current preference is traditional media like pencil, ink and markers. I'm also a licensed Nail Technician, and have designed and done tattoos.

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