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More birds!

Still trying to draw feathers. Not so great attempts this time. Prismacolor Verithin in Dahlia Purple.

Animals Birds


… of prey! Perregrine falcons to be specific, I’ve been seeing a few (unless it’s the same one) in my backyard lately. I always love seeing these guys out and about in the city. Still expanding my drawing skills, but this was specifically learning to draw feathers so that they a) look like feathers, b) […]

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Snakers 2

These ones were from cobra search results. The one on the left looks so grumpy hahah. Prismacolor Verithin in Dahlia Purple



Anyone remember that little cobra from Inktober. I’ve been seeing him a lot and therefore drawing a lot of little snake doodles. I think I figured out what he is, a spirit guide. A big change is coming and it’s terrifying. Some little snake sketches, I’m trying to expand my drawing subjects, most of the […]