Ice Cream

So I have two more of these, but I didn’t want this post to be too image heavy so I’m splitting them all up. My only regret was that I used the wrong paper for these, they started out as an experiment but came out really well. India Inks.


So I have a lot of sketchbooks. And right now I’m working on one that I hate. To be honest, most of the sketchbooks I have I hate the paper in them, it’s just not the right texture and it makes drawing kind of difficult. Once I’ve filled them up I’m going to hit upContinue reading “Sketchbook”


So, I love cows, the vast majority of bovine creatures really, because they’re just so darn cute. They’re like over-sized puppies, and it helped that once a cow tail-whipped my little bro in the face when he was a kid (that is one of my favourite memories as a kid). And bison, are a typeContinue reading “Bison”