Lil’ Moos


Quick sketch of two little baby cows. I just love cows, they are the cutest things.

Col-Erase pencils in Terra Cotta and Black Pencil.

Pencil Crayons


I’m really starting to hate pencil crayons and I don’t know why. I mean here they turned out so soft and lovely looking when other times they look so grainy. It’s probably the paper I’m using.

Crayola and Laurentein Pencil Crayons.



This imo looks terrible. But, it was just a super quick experiment which is why the text is wonky and the planchette isn’t even. I’m still trying to learn how to use the P.H. Martin’s Bombay inks properly. I love their vibrancy, but I have to work crazy fast to get nice blending. I am fond of the background sploosh. The linework is really shaky because I had too much sugar today.

Bombay Inks, Brush Pen.