2016-03-28 18.17.12-1w

I want a ukulele, and more importantly to learn how to play it. I just have to find a neon pink one and I’ll be all set.

Also, I’m re-discovering how much I love this orange pencil.

Orange and Pink pencils, Red and Black ballpoint pens.

Betty Bangs

2016-03-28 15.48.42-2w

All the girls I draw are total glamazons. Also I go through periods where I toy with the idea of cutting Betty Bangs into my hair; although they probably wouldn’t work on my face since its so round and people have been saying I look like a baby (which irks me to no end).

Also, if you’re interested in random cat photos and doodles that don’t make it here, feel free to follow me on Instagram!

Orange and Pink pencils, Black and red Ballpoints.

More grins

2016-02-26 19.28.13-1w

Still not entirely pleased with this doodle, but I can’t keep fussing with it.

Also, can I just say that it’s f*cking ridiculous that I have to start wearing sunscreen this early in the year. I was out earlier today running errands and my chest was getting burnt. I hate how I can’t get super dark anymore.. I miss my youth when I just got brown and not burnt.

Ballpoint pens in Black, Red and Blue.