2016-01-28 20.26.21w

Just some doodles of hair from my favourite overly-extravagant period of French history.

Y’know back when pompadours and putting mini boats in your hair was all the rage 😉

0.5 mm black ballpoint and pink pencil.

Crimson Peak

2016-01-28 19.45.19w

I finaaally saw Crimson Peak, I feel like I’ve been dying to see it for hundreds of years (yes I know it just came out this past November).

Guillermo del Toro did another amazing job. He’s one of my all time favourite directors. My cousin was lucky enough to sell a set of drawers to him last year, I wish he’d gotten an autograph for me but whatever.

I’m going to go watch Crimson Peak over and over again until my DVD/Blu-ray version arrives in the mail.

0.5 mm black ballpoint and pink pencil


2016-01-01 18.04.48w

I’m late, but that’s hardly surprising.

I hope that 2016 is an amazing year for all of you, and that you all achieve what you set out to.

With that being said, I’m am so damn grateful that 2015 is finally over. For me it was a terrible year, and I hope to never have to repeat it. Although it did have some great moments, like seeing my friend’s play, and wading through mud for an impromptu picnic (which I subsequently got sun burnt for the first time in my life), and other moments, I’m finally glad its done.

Here’s to great things to come!

Watercolour, Pigment liners, and glitter.