2015-10-28 19.03.07w

Catrina from the movie, The Book of Life. I realize I haven’t mentioned it on here but I’ve been so in love with this movie since it came out last year. So much so I have two Manolo figurines (a POP vinyl, and a posable figure with guitar and swords), and the book of the concept art.

Yet it took me a year to draw fanart. -_-‘

Anyway, the character designs, set, etc are all so stunning in that movie! I just had the desire to doodle Catrina today.


0.5 mm Mechanical Pencil


2015-09-29 19.34.56w

It’s officially October! Halloween all month long!!!

I need to get back into posting daily. I don’t draw nearly enough these days.

I picture her as being a redhead, maybe because in yesteryear red hair was a sign of witchcraft.

Red pencil, Black Ballpoint 0.5 mm.