Ponytail Starlet

She’s posing like one of those old movie starlets. Also her hair seems to be off-kilter a little. Also!! I succeeded in posting one thing everyday for 90 days! I achieved my goal! So from now on I may not be posting quite as often, I’ll stop spamming up all your dashboards 🙂 Have aContinue reading “Ponytail Starlet”

Blue Hawaiian

Feeling really angry right now, so nothing is coming out right on the paper. Here is something from before the angry happened, it’s not very good, but it’s something. I could use a girly drink right about now. 0.5 mm Black Ballpoint, Kuretake Brush pens.

Pattern Planning

This isn’t art related, unless you count drafting clothing patterns as art. Here’s a flat drawing of a crop top and capris, I’m planning on sewing sometime soon. If you can’t read my notes then it’s probably for the best, seeing as people tell me my handwriting is neat, now is your chance to proveContinue reading “Pattern Planning”

Pin up Girl

I love her hair, how it fades to a bright turquoise. Anyway, a curvy black pin up girl, who started out as a really rough pen sketch, that I decided on a whim to colour in. Hence, why there’s that mess-up line near her ankle. 0.1 mm Carbon pen, Kuretake brush pens, water, glitter, glue.