Poodle Pin up



I liked her so much I finished her. The hair took the longest to do, but I’m really happy with how much they remind me of cinnamon buns. I kind of wish she had feet, but when I tried drawing them in, they just wouldn’t.

Prints are available here.

Adobe Illustrator CS3

Current Reads

2014-01-10 14.54.52-2

I don’t have any art for today, so instead some of the books I’m reading. “The Knife Man” by Wendy Moore, it’s a biography on the man who created modern surgery, and “Princesses Behaving Badly” by Linda Rodriguez McRobbie, the title of which I think is self-explanatory. These are both non-fiction by the way, it’s rare for me to pick up fiction anymore.

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Celebrity Portrait Sketchdump


Digging through my old stuff to see if I could find something to post. I already posted this to tumblr a year or so ago (prior to my obtaining a WordPress).

Various 30 – 40 minute digital sketches of celebrities, they include Chris Evans, Lana Del Rey, Michael Fassbender and Christina Hendricks.

Paint Tool Sai.

Cars Cars Cars

2014-06-23 16.53.42
I think a 1940s Buick, not sure on model type, if someone knows please tell me.

While I was on my way home on Saturday, (trying to make a right onto Sandalwood) I saw a line of 3-4 vintage cars that had been restored driving by in a line. I would have followed them but sadly Saturday was the day my mom was throwing a party so I kind of couldn’t.

2014-06-23 16.41.26

I’m fairly certain one of them was a 1950s Cadillac convertible, a Delorean, and I saw a Model T Ford. They were all so gorgeous! The Delorean was a really rich plum colour, almost black, with some red/blue shimmer when the sunlight hit it just right. The Ford, was black and the Cadillac was a pale green.

Then as I stopped at the Dollarama (to get some party supplies), in the aisle over was parked a a glossy black Chevrolet El Camino. At this point you’d have thought I’d have the sense to snap a picture of it, but I didn’t.

So that Saturday June 21st will always be “Vintage Car Day” for me.

0.1 mm Carbon Pen, 0.5 mm red pencil.

Jessica Rabbit


I did it! A finished version of that doodle from a while back. And I didn’t muck it up (unless you count the fact that I dropped a chunk of avocado on it). Now I just need to dig out my proper camera to get a good quality photo of it. I think I’ll have prints of her up in my Society6 shop soon.

0.1 mm Carbon Pen, Kuretake Brush Pens, Dr. Ph Martin’s White ink.