Dawn Chambers of Mad Men. A quick drawing.

Done with coloured pencils, Pentel Brush Pen and 0.5 mm Black Ballpoint.




I turned 24 today. Yesterday we buried our little ginger tabby, Orion. He escaped in January and I found him on Thursday
dead, curled up under a neighbour’s shrubbery, frozen to the ground.

Rest in Peace Orion, you were a sweet little cat who was terrified of everything. I’m sorry we couldn’t help you.

Pentel Brush Pen on Moleskin paper.

Bride of Frankenstein

I love it when late night doodles turn out well.


I’m not going to repeat the title, because I think it’s fairly obvious who this is. It’s also transparent!!

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I kept the shading minimal, because I felt it just looked better like this and I’d like to turn her into some stickers.

Adobe Illustrator.

Rough Stuff



It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. Um, this is just some rough prep work for something I plan on colouring. I’m not very good with watercolours so I tend t practice what I’m planning so I don’t screw it up horribly on the final piece.

Watercolours on 50lb watercolour paper.