Pentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen Review/Test

I bought the Pentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen about a month ago. I haven’t tested it out much, and so far not on any finished
pieces (I haven’t finished anything lately -_-‘). I did do a few tests though to see how I like it.

2014-03-17 16.29.33w

Here are the supposed “fruits” of my tests. As you can see I mostly used it to get branches, and leaves down, which I find are tons easier to do using a brush and ink rather than drawing/outlining with a pigment liner. I also doodled a face, an eye and attempted to write, rather haphazardly.

This was done in a 50 lb acid-free paper sketchbook.

I like that this pen’s ink is fairly opaque, I haven’t tested its impervious-ness to water yet, although it claims to be waterproof. I like that I can get a nice variety of line weights fairly easily with this. I feel like I need a lot more control trying to do anything calligraphic with this pen, compared to an actual brush and ink (I’m pretty decent with a brush and ink after a very heavily practiced birthday gift for a friend). I do plan t use this however for eyes and hair line work. I find it allows me to draw amazing lashes relatively quickly without too much filling in.

I also found that if I moved in too quick a motion the ink flow had trouble keeping up, and I would end up with fuzzy-lines as opposed to crisp ones. I should also mention that the ink will bleed depending on paper type and how long you hold the brush tip in the same spot.

Overall, I like this pen, but it won’t be my go to for line work, unless I need to travel around while finishing work.

To sum up:

– Opaque Ink
– Nice variety in line weights
– Portable

– Tends to bleed if held in one spot for too long
– Ink flow has trouble keeping up with fast movements
-I still manage to get ink all over my hands

You can get one here if you’d like: Pentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen

**Disclaimer: All items reviewed were purchased with my own money.**



I don’t think you’ve been formally introduced, but this little furball is Eevee. She’s my cat, I adopted her back in June of 2013. The lovely folks at the shelter told me she was born on March 15, 2013. That means she just recently turn 1!! We celebrated by giving her a favourite treat, raw chicken chunks. She managed to make off with an empty box, and some chicken fat as well.

 Happy Birthday Eevee! And thank you for not eating the budgies. I wish you weren’t a compulsive sock destroyer though.

Have a Happy Monday to all who read this.

(Yes, I named her after the Pokemon)

Morticia Addams

Another quick little colouring job. I know you’re probably sick of them, but they help me relax.

Today we’re featuring the lovely Morticia Addams.

2014-02-24 16.56.18w  2014-02-24 16.56.18cw

Whee! I’ve been trying to draw her well for a while now. I have a few pages in my sketchbook filled with Morticias O.o

I remember loving this show as a kid, and have recently got back into it, and the movies. I will probably do a final portrait of her
at some point where you won’t see my sketchy lines, because I want to turn a Barbie into a Morticia doll. I intend to do it soon as I’m happy with the face paint roughs.

1.0mm Inkjoy Paper Mate pens, Paint Tool Sai.