Coloured Sketches Pt. 2

More doodles coloured in. This time featuring a freckled red-head and a dark haired beauty. Left: Sketch and Right: Colours For the top lady, I think I prefer the sketch better, it’s less obvious that her eyes are slightly askew, but the red-head on the bottom looks much better in colour, her hair turn outContinue reading “Coloured Sketches Pt. 2”

Coloured Sketches

Found a little booklet of doodles done a few months ago, and I wanted to colour them. Sketches: ¬† Excuse the green paint on the one girls face. It seems that these little ladies have seen some action. Colours: After they’ve been coloured. My favourite by far is the lady at the bottom. Keep inContinue reading “Coloured Sketches”

Skulls n’ Roses

A mindless doodle that turned into something more. All I remember was thinking about how dear little Pickle never shuts up. I quite like her gold teeth. I’ll try to get a better photo/scan of this. Pentel Brush Pen, Inkjoy Pens, Pencil Crayons and Gold Foil. There are some process photos after the break ifContinue reading “Skulls n’ Roses”

TBT – Ryuk

Another old gem. According to my DeviantArt, I did this in January of 2009. It’s Ryuk from Death Note. I used t read a lot of manga back in my younger years. Now, I’ve sort of upgraded to webcomics. But, Death Note will always have a special place in my heart. Ryuk (C)¬†Tsugumi Ohba andContinue reading “TBT – Ryuk”