When I had a shop, this was our business card. Pretty bad ass no? Anyway, I still love this, I think its because the skull is the best one I’ve drawn digitally. Those were good times. Sort of. Adobe Illustrator CS3.


So this piece I had originally done for myself at some point. This was done ages ago, I think back in 2008, and as I look at it now I realize it has no real appeal to me to actually put it permanently on my flesh. So, in that regard, I shall show it toContinue reading “Peony”


I’m going to be posting some old stuff for a while, since I have not been actively drawing at all lately. Here’s a tattoo design I did for a good friend. She wanted a flower, so we looked at a few different types and she decided on a lily. This is the end result. IContinue reading “Lily”