Gargoyle Tattoo

Full Arm, healed. Close up on skull detail. Close up on gargoyle. The original artwork was not done by me, it was done by the one with the Otter tattoo, you can find her here: Trapdoorrabbitchick.  I was the one to tattoo it on him though. This was done on his forearm, back in 2011-2012.

Pencil Cases

      This post has absolutely nothing to do with art, it’s more relevant to storage and such. I recently bought a few really cute tin pencil cases from an eBay supplier, I finally received them: I am aware the photo is upside down, and I’m not concerned about it simply because I intendContinue reading “Pencil Cases”

Prayer, Knight and Sparrows

Praying hands with rosary on fake skin. Strange knight, or Roman legion with spear. Done on fake skin. Bright colourful sparrow with ribbon. The above is a reference. None of the original artworks are mine, they came from a tattoo flash artbook. I’m not certain which.

Fashion Drawings Sketchdump

My OC Mina, wearing a winter coat. Summertime is on its way. Wearing a high cut leg one piece and large floppy sun hat. Please ignore the face in her leg, I tend to draw over things in my doodles. Practise drawing hats on people. Wearing a thick coat with ribbon tie detail at waist.Continue reading “Fashion Drawings Sketchdump”

Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me – WIP

Work in Progress of a future tattoo for myself. Of course now that it’s posted I’m going to have to change it. The words “Kiss Me, Kill Me, Love Me” are from the song “Child Prey” by Dir en Grey. I apologize for the blurriness. Done using pencil crayons and ink.

Extra Extra

I finally got around to finishing the calligraphy label on my manila envelope. So as I’m looking at it, I’m noticing a lot of problems, aside from symmetry a couple of lines aren’t completely parallel.  It’s bothering me to no end, but only when I look at the photo of it, in person I barely noticeContinue reading “Extra Extra”